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Arrow Hair & Beauty Supplies Ltd
Unit 2
New Meadow Road
B98 8YW

Telephone Number
0845 1300 630
0845 1300 631

Fax Number
01527 520631

There are 7 items in this category.

Clio 2 Seater Dryer Bank

Clio 2 Seater Dryer Bank

Price: 507.00

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Infrazon Wall Arm Processor

Wella Infrazon Wall Arm Processor

Price: 937.50

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REM Elite hood dryer

REM Elite hood dryer- COUCH HOOD ONLY

Price: 191.00

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Infrazon Pedestal Processor

Wella Infrazon Pedestal Processor

Price: 701.25

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Elan Hood dryer

Elan Hood Dryer - HOOD ONLY

Price: 144.00

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Miranda Hood Dryer VAT FREE

Miranda Hood Dryer Mobile VAT FREE

Price: 173

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Garda Dryer Bank

Garder 3 Seater Dryer Bank

Price: 675.00

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